Discover how your customers can benefit from an interactive buying experience.


Make your vision a reality.

Inspire and immerse your customers with an high-impact 3D visualization platform for your sales team.

logo Vortek Surfaces

Go beyond customers’ expectations with a next-generation product catalogue.

Sell flawlessly with an easy-to-use virtual showroom for flooring, paint and countertop manufacturers.

logo Vortek Spaces

A comprehensive visualization solution for designers and architects

Engage with your customers in an entirely innovative and awe-inspiring way.

logo Vortek Buildings

A virtual walkthrough solution for real-estate developers

Bring your large-scale development projects to life with our unique solution.

What you see is what you buy.

Yes. 3D visualization this cool is at your fingertips.

icon 3D Glass

3D glasses

An affordable way for customers to get a better perspective into their new projects.

3D Glass
icon 3D Headset

VR Headsets

Have your customers truly experience the power of virtual reality with our ergonomic head sets.

3D Headset
icon 3D Multiple Display

Multiple life-size 1:1 displays

Larger than life! Show your customers how they can be part of something big!

3D Multiple Display 1:1
icon 3D Immersive CAVE

Immersive CAVE

Bring them right into your vision and surround them with all the stunning aspects of your design.

3D Immersive CAVE

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